Staff Benefits

NHS Derbyshire Employee Benefits

NHS organisations across Derbyshire aim to be employers of choice. We aim to attract and retain the most dedicated, highly-skilled and experienced staff, so that we offer the best in patient care. This is why we are delighted to offer a range of staff benefits across our organisations to prove we are an excellent employer. These include:

Health and Wellbeing

Supporting staff health and wellbeing is very important to us. We offer a range of opportunities including:
  • Gym membership discounts
  • Leisure and Social Activities
  • Smoking Cessation support
  • Fast track referral access to Physiotherapy
  • Access to on-site physical activity classes, e.g. Pilates, Yoga


We offer salary sacrifice schemes on a range of benefits, which allow staff to make significant savings compared to usual retail prices. By accepting a reduction in salary, in return for a benefit, you are liable for less income tax, National Insurance and pension contribution than you would otherwise be. The savings will vary depending on your personal circumstances, but savings are typically around 37%. Schemes include:
  • Childcare Vouchers: Save money on your childcare costs
  • Cycle to Work: Save money on a new bike
  • Car Leasing: Save money on a new lease car
  • Car Parking: Save money on car parking at work



When calculating your holiday entitlement previous NHS service will be taken into account.

Entitlements to annual leave and General Public Holidays are as follows:

Length of Service

Annual Leave

Public Holidays

On appointment

27 days

8 days

After 5 years’ NHS service

29 days

8 days

After 10  years’ NHS service

33 days

8 days

The above entitlements are based on a full-time employee working 5 shifts of 7.5 hours a week, excluding meal break. In practice annual leave entitlements will be calculated in hours to ensure all employees are treated fairly.

Shopping Vouchers: vouchers are available for top retailers; these are provided by Health Service Discounts. For further information you will need to visit:

Retail Discounts: Locally negotiated a range of discounts with shops and businesses exclusively for NHS staff to access


A range of award schemes operate across Derbyshire. These include:

Staff Awards for going the extra mile – with nominations from patients and visitors for exceptional commitment to patient care

Long Service – Long Service Awards recognise the hard work, loyalty and dedication of our staff who achieve 25 years and 40 years of continuous service within the NHS.

Team and Project Awards – for making a real difference, showcasing the excellent work and achievements of the NHS across Derbyshire

Join the NHS in Derbyshire today to benefit from all we have to offer you and your family.