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We are the leading provider of mental health, learning disabilities and substance misuse services in Derby city and Derbyshire county. We also provide a wide range of children’s services. We employ over 2,500 staff based in 100 locations across the whole of Derbyshire. Across the county and the city, we serve a combined population of approximately one million people.

Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust was established on 1 February 2011 when Monitor, the independent regulator of health services in England, authorised Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust to become a Foundation Trust.
In April 2011 we became the provider of children’s universal and specialist services for Derby city following a successful tender process.

The story of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust was established on 1 February 2011 when Monitor, the independent regulator of health services in England, authorised Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust to become a Foundation Trust.

The Trust integrated with universal children and family services for Derby in 2011, following the dissolution of Derby City Primary Care Trust. As part of the Transforming Community Services (TCS) programme, community paediatric services and substance misuse services were also transferred into the organisation from NHS Derby City.

Vision, Values and Objectives

The Trust has a clear vision, underpinned by objectives that serve as the basis for decision making and forward planning. Derbyshire Healthcare’s vision, ‘to improve the health and wellbeing of all the communities we serve’, guides the organisation in how it balances the interests of patients, the local community and other stakeholders. The Trust’s aspirational, yet realistic, vision should resonate with its staff and inspire their full engagement and support, as Derbyshire Healthcare embark on what will be a challenging journey towards its ultimate goal – of becoming one of the country’s top five providers of healthcare.

Derbyshire Healthcare truly believes that its workforce is its greatest asset; their skills reach out into the heart of our community. Their expertise has helped improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of many individuals; this may be your family member, a friend, a colleague or a neighbour… it may well be you!

As a forward thinking NHS Foundation Trust, Derbyshire Healthcare is determined to build on this platform and take healthcare services into a new era of care. Knowing what to value and how to behave – as individuals as well as a provider of specialist healthcare – is core to everything the Trust does.

Derbyshire Healthcare’s Trust values

  • We put our patients at the centre of everything we do
  • We focus on our people
  • We involve our people in making decisions
  • We deliver excellence.

Based on the above Values, the Trust recruits new employees in line with the behaviours and attitudes shared by the Trust; this is a ground-breaking approach for NHS recruitment and was driven by a determination to elevate patient care and safety to new heights.

It is shaped by a new ethos – one where the behaviours of a person are as important as their knowledge and experience; one where applying the Values creates a culture of compassion and excellence where the patient comes first.

And it is a model established at the forefront of good practice ahead of the publication of the Francis Report and its greater emphasis on adopting common values throughout an organisation.

A member of staff who undertook the values based recruitment process said: “I would say the value based assessment centre was a very positive experience. It was really well run and although it was as challenging a process as it rightly needed to be, it served to affirm my desire to work for this organisation; knowing that the values that reflect the very essence of the Trust are used in such a fundamental way to recruit the right people.”

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"90% of staff believe the Trust provides equal opportunities for career progression or promotion."
"Couldn’t have had any more support and comfort to get through a very distressing experience. Thank you very much for everything!"

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